Scientific article: what is it?

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Scientific article: what is it?

Modern scientists distinguish various types of scientific articles – it depends on the topic chosen by the author and the research method.

The publication of scientific works (hereinafter – HP) is one of the necessary conditions for research activities. It is by the presence of published works that the potential of a young scientist is evaluated, as well as the weight of the contribution of experienced researchers to science.

What is a scientific article

A scientific article is a logically complete study of a problem, carried out by applying a scientific method. This is the concept of a scientific article in the most simplified form.

Any publication of this kind describes the relevance of the study, the goals and objectives of the research, as well as the essence of the innovation of the ideas presented. The author, publishing his research, secures the copyright to this or that idea.

A separate variety of publications in the field of science includes so-called reviews, which are an analysis of the works of scientists on a specific topic. Such a work can be written in the form of a polemic with a reasoned statement of one’s own opinion on the issue under consideration.

The work of scientists, as a rule, is set out:

  • in impersonal form;
  • divided into logical blocks;
  • all blocks are interconnected;
  • There is a clear structure of the text.

An example of the structure of the text of the work:

  • Headline
  • annotation
  • Keywords
  • Introductory part
  • Main part
  • The final part with conclusions
  • links or bibliography

Types of Scientific Articles

Depending on the subject and research method, several types of published scientific articles are distinguished. This is a theoretical, practical and review work

Scientific and theoretical articles are theoretical developments set forth in an accessible form in a certain field. The value of such HP is undeniable – in them the author can analyze the patterns and explain their reasons.

Scientific and practical articles are publications of experimental studies, in such works the results of the obtained experiments are presented, and their practical significance is revealed.

Survey studies are, first of all, a survey in which the opinion of various scientists on the issue under study is given and, as a rule, the opinion of the author is presented.

There is also a selection of varieties of publications by the genre of presentation:

  • analytical;
  • scientific journalistic;
  • research.
  • It is these varieties of HP and their concepts that we will consider

Analytical article

An analytical article is a published research paper, which is an analysis of the factors that make it possible to find a solution to a particular scientific problem.

In this work, the author provides initial data, analyzes the interdependence of facts, the relationship of patterns. A distinctive feature of such a publication is the use of research methods generally accepted in science, and a thorough study of the topic.

In the analytical work, the author gives reasoning according to the scheme:

  • IF Arrow.png THEN
  • Varieties of analytical publications:
  • installation or software;
  • scientific and review.

Analytical publications are presented in a strictly scientific style, which is characterized by the use of special terms and definitions. In this case, vocabulary with colloquial coloring should not be present

Software HP usually contains an analysis of the dynamics of development and the state of the sphere of activity that the journal presents. They need to ensure the reasonedness, validity of the proposed provisions, since publications of this kind contain a vector for further research by scientists.

Analytical programmatic publications are distinguished by a clearly defined orientation of the topic, careful study of the material; the presence of theoretical and practical generalization of significant phenomena, events; evidence of conclusions and suggestions, as well as novelty

Survey publications are a concentrated analysis of literature sources on a specific topic.